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Update @ Tue Feb 25 14:11:59 PST 2003: What the hell? (redux)

The interview is still standing. Most of your frequently asked questions can be found there.

Driver production slowed almost immediately after the previous news post. School and life has, once again, become an issue. Soltius' page has CVS compiled versions of the various drivers - they can be used for unofficial beta testing.

I hope to get everything cleaned up in the next few months. No guarantees, though. One of the two evil race conditions has been squashed. The remaining problem is in npclient - which will be a piece of dead software at next release.

Have a great year!

Old news: New software coming soon! [2002-11-07], voot-cust-plus [2002-07-09].

Current Downloads

The following are the curerntly released products of the project:

Project Status and Information

The project is almost complete and ready for open beta. You'll require the following:

  1. A Dreamcast. (US or JP)
  2. A copy of DC-VOOT. (US or JP)
  3. A Dreamcast Broadband Adapter or a LAN Adapter for LAN/Internet play.
  4. A Dreamcast Modem for direct-dial play.

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